Investment Crowdfunding Course

Invested: Raising capital with a focus on Investment Crowdfunding

Within the past 5 years the federal government opened the door for companies to market investment opportunities to their existing customers and respective communities through approved crowdfunding platforms. This allows entrepreneurs to raise funds from your friends, family, and broader community, with the possibility for them to receive a return on that investment! Prior to this new regulation, the audience companies could market to and receive investment from were primarily high net worth individuals. 

After receiving questions from many local businesses interested in this new financing tool, we launched a pilot Invested Crowdfunding Course in 2018. Since then we have held 3 cohorts and continue to gain traction on the state and federal level. Graduates from the course have executed successful investment campaigns ranging from $20,000 – $107,000 and include Asheville Tea Company, Wehrloom Honey and 180 Float Spa!  You can view an example campaign from one of our graduates here.

Introduction to Investment Crowdfunding

Our Introduction to Investment Crowdfunding course is a free online course that will walk you through the basics of investment crowdfunding, and why you might want to consider this investment option. If you are new to investment crowdfunding, we highly recommend taking this free online course. 

Take the Introduction Course Here

Take the Full Course Here

The 5th Cohort of our Invested Course is coming up! The 4-session VIRTUAL COURSE will take place on the following dates:

  • Session 1 Thursday, September 3rd, 2-4pm
  • Session 2 Thursday, September 10th, 2-4pm
  • Session 3 Thursday, September 17th, 2-5pm
  • Session 4 Thursday, October 8th, 2-5pm

In between classes, the Invested program includes several one on one technical sessions with facilitators. Following the course, those that decide to execute investment crowdfunding campaigns will move into launch with the assistance of our Bizworks team and specialist partners. 

Add your name to the Cohort 5 Interest Form, and we will follow up with a brief consulation and informative call on specifications for the course. The course fee is $90 and $45 for additional participants from the same company. We also have an interest list for potential investors (those of us that may want to participate in a local crowdfunding campaign and attend one of the Invested course pitch events) that you can sign up for here.

A big thanks to our partners Jake Farrar (Van Winkle Law Firm), Annie Milroy Price (Birds Eye), and Jeffrey Scott (Metamorphic) who have assisted in developing and delivering this course.

Get on the Cohort 5 Interested List!

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