Cooperatives & Worker Ownership

Mountain BizWorks received funding from the SBA Prime program to bring a suite of workshops and one-on-one consulting for those interested in worker ownership, democratic business practices, and how it can apply to your current small business or future small business.

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Mountain BizWorks has partnered with national leaders in the field of worker ownership, The Industrial Commons, to bring cutting-edge information into our workshops and one-on-one co-op consulting.

Worker Ownership 101

An exploration of the variety of ways businesses can democratize ownership. Whether you’re interested in transitioning your business into a cooperative workplace or planning for your succession by selling to the employees, this lab is a great place to start. Gain an understanding of the power that employee-owned companies have to transform communities and build better businesses.

Worker Ownership 201

This will be a 2-hour session, focused on the process of converting a business to a worker-owned enterprise covering these topics:

  • Burning questions
    • We will conduct a brief review of our first session for those of you who joined us at a Co-op 101 class. We’ll answer any questions you have and connect you to the resources and case studies that can address your questions, concerns, and ideas.
  • Feasibility
    • We’ll cover avenues to conduct a feasibility study for business owners interested in converting and go over tools that can help you understand this process.
  • Timeline and next steps
    • Together we’ll explore the roadmap to conversion and outline a plan for moving forward with each business owner that feels eager to pursue this with their employees.

Prior to the gathering, we’ll ask each of you to brainstorm and bring a list of questions you have about the process in general, technicalities and procedures as well as any that relate to your specific business or field.

Co-op conversation consulting

We are dedicated to helping business owners to start worker-owned cooperatives or transition their companies to employee ownership, whether at the time of retirement or as a way to deepen the impact of their business.      

We offer consultations for business owners to evaluate the feasibility of if broad-based employee ownership is a fit for your future or current business.

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